Ever since my metal shop classes in junior high school I have love to work with metal but I have been kept from doing it. The financial collapse of 2008 fundamentally changed the jewelry industry. This change has allowed me to finally have a chance to actual get my hands on the metal and start bringing my creative ideas to life. This website showcases my evolving work, my expanding ideas, my mixing of media, and finally my own jewelry designs. I have been having a great time learning, exploring, some times failing but always moving forward to create designs that with all of my years in the industry are up to contemporary standards. I hope you will enjoy exploring my website and enjoy my newest designs displayed here.

Currently I am working in three directions that compliment each other. They are hollow forming, glass enameling and etching. With hollow form I explore the world of shapes. I have found inspiration for these shapes from nature, wondering the art museum and the everyday world. I distill all of the complexity of what I once saw and would photograph down to its absolute simplest element. That element or shape I make into a mold and then use a 20-ton press to squish metal into it. This reformed metal becomes the basis for my jewelry.

To see what I make of this reformed metal check out my Jewelry section and to see my latest exploration.

My Jewelry

All of the work I am currently doing revolves around a process called Hollow Forming. In this process I create an original die shape. Then I take the die, a 20 ton hydraulic press and a flat piece of metal and squish the metal into the die. When the flat metal gets force into the hollow die it rounds and shapes it. This process gives the metal depth and strength. This process is common note in on all of my work but then thing start to vary.

The verity thing that can be done to the metal before and after the hollow forming is incredible. One process is to etch a design into the metal before hollow forming. I am currently using my education in anthropology and background in art to explore the art themes of other cultures. I hope to develop a whole collection of that features the art style of cultures around the world. I have started in the exploration with the style of the Pacific Northwest Coast native people. More about this can be found on the section of this website devoted to this work.

Other finishing processes I am working on is glass enamel, patinas and metal finishing. Examples of this work can be found in their respective sections.


I have come to making jewelry not through the typical route. In 1982 I began my association with the jewelry industry by working as the business manager for Pijon, Ltd., a small designer line jewelry manufacturer based in Eugene, Oregon. The time I spent in this position gave me my beginning knowledge of the jewelry industry. After leaving Pijon I started my own service business offering photography, graphic design, advertising and marketing to all level of companies in the jewelry industry. This business gave me a chance to work with large jewelry manufactures and gem dealers, small jewelry retail stores, award winning custom jewelry designer, niche jewelry marketers and art and craft jewelers. I have seen how the most interesting and creative jewelry designs are dreamed up and made. I have also seen how jewelry lovers respond to them. Through the years I have also seen areas of design, processes, niches that have been overlooked. Although I knew how to design and make jewelry I never put hand to metal not wanting to be my customer’s competition (even though I have so wanted to for many years). In 2008, with the recession being the triggering mechanism, the jewelry industry fundamentally changed. These changes finally open the door of opportunity to me to explore new possibilities and to finally start creating my own jewelry designs. It has been an exciting time of development and growth yet certainly challenging at times. I continue to develop my skills as I seek my vision for my jewelry.


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