Copper Etched Jewelry

The etching process adds yet more interest and creativity to the hollow forming process. With etching I am able to added deeper meaning to what starts out as a flat piece of metal. I have been working on several style motif but my favorite is Northwest Coast Native motif. This is quit a distinctive style and develop with its own rules of design and form.

Northwest Coast Native Motif

The Northwest Coast Native motif is quit a distinctive abstract art style and develop with its own unique rules of design and form. A couple of its distinct elements are the form lines and unique oval shopes. The form lines outline the distinctive elements of the piece and are behind the meaning of the work. The unique oval shapes make up one of the most recognizable elements of the motif.

Celtic Knots

Celtic Knots are associated with ancient Irish culture. Celtic knots (also known as ‘endless knots’ or ‘mystic knots’) are series of overlapping or interwoven knots which have no clear start or end. Celtic Knots have taken on different meanings over time. Religious knots (the holy trinity), lover’s knots (endless love), eternity knots (endless life) and shield knots (protective) are some of meanings attributed to different Celtic Knots. I have created several jewelry designs based on Celtic Knots and continue explore this ancient design motif.


Etched Designs